“Troylet” Bathroom Sign – Unisex


9 in (w) x 7 in (h) x 1 in (d)


Hand-painted wood (pine) oval plaque, routed, with vinyl lettering and “Man | Woman” symbol. Covered with a durable urethane coating.

Also available: Plain, Men, Women, and “His & Her” sets.

History: During the 19th century, Troy, NY was one of the most prosperous industrial centers in America. But during the post World War II era, this small American City — which is the hometown of Uncle Sam — entered a period of steady decline. By the 1960s, visiting students and residents of the surrounding Capital Region disparaged the place and its denizens by calling them “Troylet” (a pejorative portmanteau).

You can’t keep a good city down, though, and the place has been undergoing a momentous urban revitalization during the past two decades. Today, Troy, NY is becoming a role model for small city resurgence. Now, the good humored characters in town display these “Troylet” signs with tongue in cheek, and chuckle at those who didn’t see the charm that was here all along.

Ilium Fuit, Troja Est.

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Weight 0.55625 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1 in


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