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Back in 2007, Linda Passaretti and friends were preparing for the annual Flag Day Parade in Troy, NY – the largest Flag Day parade in the nation.

The Brown Bag is located in The Enjoy Troy Building.

The Brown Bag is located in The Enjoy Troy Building at 156 Fourth Street.

So they painted Linda’s now famous “enjoy troy.” symbol on a bed sheet and hung it from the windows of a house along the route. It was just a cheerful, simple banner for the festivities. But after the parade, one of Linda’s friends decided to give the colorful sign an extended life. She hung it in the storefront window of her building on the corner of Ferry and Fourth streets.

For years, as people entering Troy drove over the Congress Street Bridge and then under the Ferry Street Tunnel, the first thing that greeted them was that brightly painted sign delivering its happy mandate to “enjoy troy.”

In 2011, Terry Matthews opened an instantly popular late-night burger parlor in the storefront and called it The Brown Bag. The bed sheet sign had been removed, but everyone kept calling the address — 156 Fourth Street — “The Enjoy Troy” building.

Naturally, The Enjoy Troy Company decided to make that designation official by enlisting the help of Troy’s No Name Sign Co. company. Together they created special “enjoy troy.” transom windows with the same gold lettering to match The Brown Bag’s signage.

Now the only thing missing is an official Enjoy Troy burger on the menu!

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