Enjoy Troy Totes

The Enjoy Troy Co. hosted a community screen-printing event on Monday, Nov. 24, 2014. Downtown Troy business owners, neighbors and friends met at the Lucas Confectionery wine bar to print 200 re-usable shopping totes with the “enjoy troy.” symbol. The bags will be available around downtown during “Small Business Saturday,” Nov. 29. and will include […]

Enjoy Helen of Troy New York

Troy author, historian and “Bon vivant” Don Rittner will be directing a local theatrical production of “Helen of Troy New York,” a 1923 Broadway musical comedy satirizing the Arrow Shirt Company of Troy, N.Y. Joining him will be European director Just More (Justyna Kostek). The show ran for one year and 191 performances in Manhattan […]

Enjoy Troy “Mall-ternative”

Troy’s daily newspaper, The Record, features an enjoy troy. t-shirt and plaque on the front page. To see how it appeared in print, look below. To read the article online as text, click here: “Downtown Troy stores extend hours to accommodate holiday shoppers,” Nov. 14, 2014. The article is about a month-long initiative to encourage […]

Enjoy The Troylet?

One of the top selling products of The Enjoy Troy Co. has an ironic twist: handmade wooden “Troylet” bathroom plaques. Starting in the 1960s, the expression “Troylet” (a combination of the words “Troy” and “toilet”) was a common put down for the city and people who lived there. But during the past two decades, as […]

Enjoy Sage College Troy

The Enjoy Troy Co. made the Fall 2014 cover story in Connections, the magazine of Sage College. The article, featuring Linda Passaretti and Tom Reynolds, was written by Enjoy Troy Co. writer in residence Duncan Crary. You can read the article below or online by clicking here. Spend time in Troy and you’ll start to […]

Enjoy Troy Record

The Record, Troy’s daily newspaper, ran a full-page article about The Enjoy Troy Co. To see how it appeared in print, look below. To read the article online as text, click here: “‘enjoy troy.’ a simple mandate for city residents, visitors,” Nov. 4, 2014.

Enjoy Troy Streets

Transport Troy is a collective of bicycle enthusiasts who advocate for “complete streets” and human-powered transportation opportunities in Troy, New York. Each year they host a “Pre-Ramble” event centered on enjoying Troy on bicycle, wheelchair, foot, kayak and other means of getting around without a car. As part of this year’s Sept. 26 activities, Transport […]

Enjoy Troy Critters

All the creatures of Troy, big and small, are artists at heart. In July 2014, the Enjoy Troy Company writer-in-residence Duncan Crary captured this scene just after it transpired under the Green Island Bridge. This little mouse (OK, he’s a river rat) crawled out of his tiny tube, with paint brush and can, to spread […]

Enjoy Troy Buildings

Back in 2007, Linda Passaretti and friends were preparing for the annual Flag Day Parade in Troy, NY – the largest Flag Day parade in the nation. So they painted Linda’s now famous “enjoy troy.” symbol on a bed sheet and hung it from the windows of a house along the route. It was just […]

Enjoy Troy Podcasts

Linda Passaretti and Tom Reynolds of the Enjoy Troy Company tell their story on episode #03 of A Small American City, a podcast by Troy author Duncan Crary.   “It is a mandate. It’s an order. Enjoy Troy. Period.” — Linda Passaretti Play: SAC03.mp3 TROY, N.Y. — When you first arrive in Troy, you can’t […]