Enjoy TroyIn 2003, a cheerful oval sticker appeared in Troy, New York with a simple statement in happy lowercase letters: enjoy troy.

Created by Linda Passaretti as a humble party favor, the easy-going meme quickly spread through this small American city and came to stand for something greater. Today, it is a grassroots symbol of community building and urban renaissance.

Now you, too, can help share this hopeful message by sporting the message on stickers, patches, shirts, coffee mugs, plaques and more items found here at the online Enjoy Troy Store. But don’t forget, you can also find these products and more at several downtown brick-and-mortar retail locations (click here for details).


The Enjoy Troy Co. is a registered business in Troy, New York. It is owned and operated by Linda Passaretti and Tom Reynolds.

The “enjoy troy.” symbol is a proprietary symbol. For customized tables, plaques and other orders, or bulk orders, please click here.

Tom & Linda

Tom & Linda